Here is a look at a recent project that I am exited to share!

I was tasked with bringing the creative vision of Smith & Saint, a Boston based ad agency, to life using some really interesting yet super simple lighting techniques.

The project required bringing still product photography to life with lighting effects, and this really opened the doors to thinking like a kid and exploring with toys like kaleidoscopes , prisms, crystals, etc. I pretty much cleaned out amazon’s supply of kaleidoscope glasses… The still life videos where all captured on the Sony a7RII, and the stills were captured on the Phase One- iq150. All shots were lit using flashlights & modeling lights from my strobes through light bending tools (toys).

This project also required capturing a whole cast of talent, So I had the opportunity to team up with commercial lifestyle and portrait photographer Tim Llewellyn, Check out his work to see more!

Produced by Teeson Reps:


David Butler:

Tim Llewellyn:


Agency: Smith & Saint


Below is a look behind the scenes with myself and portrait and lifestyle photographer Tim Llewellyn.

BTS video by Copper Hound