Mad Tea Party!

The creative mind tends to be jumbles and jumbles of individual mis-fit pieces that seem to not make any sense or go together... but eventually, everything comes together to make perfect sense. As I thought of ways to illustrate this idea, It occurred to me that every visual that I had lead back to Alice and Wonderland. This Mad Tea Party series encapsulates all of this organized chaos.  So I hit the sketch book, then put a team together that could really help me put this "impossible" project together the right way. 

Sketches & Setup

Here is a look into my thought process, sketches, and behind the scenes. The entire set was created in studio, with the help of some pretty talented assistants and stylists. 

Prop Styling by Thea Foley of Anchor Artists


Food and Beverage Styling by Chantal Lambeth

Represented by Teeson Reps